Tales of woe and desperation

Tue, Dec 15

I don't wanna hear it.

You played against Brandon Marshall and the Johnsons, Chris and Andre. You had Aaron Rodgers, Rashard Mendenhall and Randy Moss. You listened to some (ahem) idiot on the Internet and didn't start Eli Manning. I get it. I hear you, and I feel your pain. But I don't wanna hear it.

Because before you go feeling sorry for yourself, I want you to be aware of six people not named Blake Thompson. You see, we have this game called Streak for the Cash. Real simple game. We set up a bunch of games and props. You pick the winner. Get it right and start a streak. That's where the "streak" part of the game's name comes in.

We invited the seven folks with the longest streaks of the year to come to Bristol this past weekend, where they had a "pick-off." And the person with the longest streak over the course of the weekend would win $1 million. As in, $999,999 more than $1. That's where the "cash" part of our game comes in.

Blake is the guy who won. Good, smart, nice guy; you can see and hear his story many places, including on our Tuesday Fantasy Focus podcast. But I wanna talk about the other six. Just to get to this pick-off, they each had streaks of at least 29 wins in a row. Unless you've played the game, and many of you have because it's been wildly popular, you have no idea how tough that is. I think my high is nine. It's crazy hard, unbelievably addictive and a lot of fun.

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