The Cowboys credit Tony Dungy?

Sun, Dec 20

The Dallas Cowboys finally won a big game in December. And all it took was … Tony Dungy?

After the Cowboys' 24-17 road victory over the previously undefeated New Orleans Saints on Saturday night, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo gave an on-the-field NFL Network interview in which he discussed his team's motivation.

Tony Romo
Scott Halleran/Getty ImagesTony R. got a little fired up by Tony D.

"It's funny," Romo said. "We sat there, [and] our special-teams coach showed a tape of [television analyst and former Indianapolis Colts coach] Tony Dungy saying 'No chance' about us this week in this football game."

Amen, Cowboys. Who wouldn't be fired up? After all, if there's one person in football who needs his big, fat, loudmouth trap shut, one nattering nabob of player-hatin' negativity who has an overdue comeuppance coming, one bullying, belittling, trash-talking fire hose of wanton disrespect who probably could goad Gandhi into an unnecessary-roughness penalty, it's Tony friggin' Dungy.

Who knows? If John Wooden expresses a bit of doubt in the Boys, they'll probably win the Super Bowl.