12 things that would surprise me today...

Sun, Dec 20
Jared AllenJim McIsaac/Getty ImagesLook for Jared Allen to have a big game against Carolina Sunday night.

I'd be surprised if … games such as Miami-Tennessee, Cincy-San Diego, Green Bay-Pittsburgh and Atlanta-N.Y. Jets didn't show the best part of the NFL: that the playoffs actually start in Week 15.

I'd be surprised if … the Ravens didn't improve to 13-1 at home against NFC teams since 2003.

I'd be surprised if … Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer didn't use a tone of man-to-man coverage with his excellent cornerbacks to free up his safeties so they could freelance in the run-and-blitz attack against the Chargers.

I'd be surprised if … Jared Allen didn't catch Denver's Elvis Dumervil in the NFL sack race.

I'd be surprised if … the Redskins didn't give the Giants a real scare Monday night while holding their tryouts for Mike Shanahan.

I'd be surprised if … Houston QB Matt Schaub didn't have another 300-yard first half against St. Louis.

I'd be surprised if … the Broncos didn't struggle against the Raiders and show that injury attrition -- not talent, preparation or execution -- determines most games this time of the year.

I'd be surprised if … the Jets' Darrelle Revis didn't use his textbook physical style at the line of scrimmage to disrupt, frustrate and dominate the Falcons' Roddy White.

I'd be surprised if … the Patriots didn't struggle, mightily, without defensive linemen Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren -- and Bill Belichick didn't somehow find a way to blame it on Adalius Thomas.

I'd be surprised if … the Cardinals' increasingly tricky and complicated defensive scheme didn't produce one or even two scores against the Lions.

I'd be surprised if … the Saints' loss didn't actually help them in the long run.

I'd be surprised if … Dallas Clark (89 catches, 10 touchdowns) hadn't already punched his ticket to the Pro Bowl.