Kicking it, pushing it in the Big Apple

Tue, Dec 22
Sean CronanDonny Barley knows the best way to navigate NYC is on a skateboard. Launch Gallery »

Ask a room full of skaters what New York City does for skateboarding, and you'll hear the same two answers: endless spots and style.

In a city where anything you can dream up is accessible and available, people are measured less by what they do than by how they do it. You don't get a second glance in a city of 8.3 million unless you've got some swagger, and from the early days, New York skaters from Andy Kessler to Luis Tolentino have always had style to spare.

The access that makes New York amazing also serves as its greatest distraction. With so much to do, from nightlife to stargazing, progressing on a skateboard can sometimes seem less urgent than simply palling around. But just when things start to get stale, the city has a way of reinventing itself.

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