12 things that would surprise me in the NFL …

Sun, Dec 27
Mike MunchakAP Photo/Mark HumphreyTitans offensive line coach Mike Munchak isn't one to toot his own horn about Chris Johnson's success.

I'd be surprised if … Titans O-line coach and HOFer Mike Munchak gets the credit he deserves when RB Chris Johnson goes over 2,000 yards -- not that he'd take it or anything.

I'd be surprised if … the Bears' front office and ownership were actually savvy enough to steal Mike Shanahan away from the Redskins.

I'd be surprised if … Denver RB Correll Buckhalter doesn't have an even busier homecoming to Philly than fellow former Eagle Brian Dawkins.

I'd be surprised if … the 49ers weren't one of those annoying teams that played great now that the games mean nothing.

I'd be surprised if … Albert Haynesworth and his $41 million in cash gets any sympathy for his feelings about the Redskins' woeful schemes and coaching -- even if he happens to be right.

I'd be surprised if … after almost retiring on the Ravens, 13-year veteran WR Derrick Mason doesn't end up with the best season of his career.

I'd be surprised if … Kurt Warner's December struggles (one TD and three INTs in his past two games) ended up being anywhere as troubling as Brett Favre's.

I'd be surprised if … the Saints need more than a quarter against the Bucs to collect the first No. 1 playoff seed in the history of the franchise.

I'd be surprised if … the Ravens don't end up catching the Bengals in the AFC North.

I'd be surprised if … people knew just how good the Vikes' corners were in outside run support.

I'd be surprised if … I got a cooler Christmas present than my new Chicago Footy hat.

I'd be surprised if … it takes more than two weeks for the Chargers' amazing 18-0 streak in December to be used as proof of just how much this team has underachieved in the past several years.