10 lists to finish off 2009, looking forward to 2010

Wed, Dec 30

The end of the year brings lists. Best of, worst of, top this, bottom that. Maybe it's because folks are out of things to write. Maybe they want to just be done with everything and get to a beach before they are locked in a room with a dozen other fantasy analysts trying to rank 250 baseball players while a January blizzard wails outside, or maybe, just maybe, it's because for whatever reason … the people, they love the lists.

Statler and Waldorf
Evening Standard/Getty Images"Hey, do you know that Forte is Italian for strong?" "Really? I hear that in fantasy football, it stands for 'I should have drafted Chris Johnson instead'!" "Or Andre Johnson! Or even Calvin Johnson!" "Hahaha!"

So here's another edition of "Ten Lists of 10," combining everything I normally do to help you get game-ready for Sunday & and some bonus fun ones, too.

Fun list

The 10 best Muppets, in reverse order. Regular listeners of the Fantasy Focus Podcast understand why this list is here.

10. Scooter.

9. Lew Zealand. The boomerang fish guy. Boomerang fish are always funny. Always.

8. Fozzie Bear.

7. Statler and Waldorf. In fairness, they often bring up a lot of good points.

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