What will coaches be doing tonight?

Thu, Dec 31

Thursday is New Year's Eve, and we bet a few football coaches will find the time to ring in the New Year with style.

Here is a look at how we imagine some coaches will spend their evening:

Jim Caldwell: Spending time with his neighbors who he doesn't really like rather attending the awesome party across the street.

Todd Haley: Waiting until 11:58 and then trying to cram a whole night of partying into 2 minutes.

Andy Reid: Heading to the bathroom at 11:59 and thinking he has 5 minutes to get back to see the ball drop despite the crowd counting down from 10 all around him.

Bill Belichick: Watching old movies.

Brad Childress: Throwing a flag to challenge that the ball in Times Square never hit the ground.

Rex Ryan: Writing out his thank-you notes to the Colts and the Bengals.

Bobby Bowden: Setting his alarm clock for the last time.

Les Miles: Spiking his watch at 12:01 so he can get off one more play in 2009.

Tom Coughlin: Frantically trying to get Dick Clark's attention to call a timeout.

Wade Phillips: Repeatedly signaling for timeout to try to ice the dropping ball.