Which cap should Andre Dawson wear?

Thu, Jan 7

Page 2 salutes Andre Dawson, who was elected into baseball's Hall of Fame on Wednesday, in his ninth year of eligibility.

But which cap should he wear -- the Montreal Expos or Chicago Cubs? Dawson played longer with the Expos, but he made more All-Star appearances for the Cubs. He later spent less-memorable stints with the Red Sox and Marlins.

Lest we forget, he also had an awesome Jheri curl for years.

From the Associated Press:

The Hall of Fame has not decided which team's logo will go on Andre Dawson's bronze plaque.

Hall president Jeff Idelson says that while the museum has final say, the Hall makes its decision with the player. Dawson arrived in New York too late after his election on Wednesday to begin discussions.

Dawson played 10-plus seasons for the Expos, where he was NL Rookie of the Year in 1977. He also was selected 1987 NL MVP in the first of six years with the Cubs.

"The Hawk" had 225 of his 438 home runs and 838 of 1,591 RBIs with Montreal. He said Thursday he did not think about his cap during his nine-year wait for election.

He will be inducted July 25 at Cooperstown.

Our advice? Skip the cap, Hawk. Wear the curl into Cooperstown instead … just as Randy Johnson should rock the mullet into the Hall.