A Texas-sized whuppin' in high school hoops

Thu, Jan 14


Yeah, that was the final score. And of course, there was drama afterward.

In high school sports, there is supposed to be some sense of sportsmanship. Last week, that got thrown out of the proverbial window when Yates (Texas) High School (ESPN Rise national rank No. 5) went all UNLV-circa-1990s on Lee High School and decided it was cool to quadruple its score.

Now apparently the people in Houston are up in arms. Soon Revs. Sharpton and Jackson will be in town. Town hall meeting. "Nightline." You know the drill.

The coach of Lee High School got philosophical after the game. He said that no coach "wants to put [their] kids in a position to be embarrassed." Really? Let me just ask the question that begs to be asked here: With the score 100-12 at halftime, wouldn't a "concerned" coach not have sent his kids out on the court for more of the same in the second half?

Kids, here's what you can learn from this:

1. It's never too early to think about something else besides basketball as a career choice.

2. Always have someone on the bench holding a white towel, just in case the coach doesn't have the cojones to throw it in.

3. Moral victories count only in losses by fewer than 100 points.

4. You can always get even by getting the cell phone numbers of the girlfriends of the players on the other team.

5. Man up! Remember: The puncher is never wrong when it's your butt on the canvas. So even when your coach doesn't do it, take a whuppin' with some pride.