Mario Batali will be in Miami, but will his Jets?

Fri, Jan 15

Super chef Mario Batali is everywhere. He runs more than a handful of restaurants in New York and Los Angeles. He appears on Food Network as an Iron Chef. And he hangs out with U2 and Coldplay.

Mario Batali
AP Photo/Stuart RamsonCelebrity chef Mario Batali sports his traditional wardrobe: shorts.

And he's hoping to see his New York Jets reach the Super Bowl in Miami in a few weeks. Batali will be there, no matter what.

Batali, along with Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer, will be putting on "Super Bowl Super Brunch" at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami Feb. 6. Comedian Jimmy Fallon, musician Jimmy Buffett and chef Emeril Lagasse are among the celebrities at the brunch and cooking demonstration which benefits children's charities The Mario Batali Foundation and the Moyer Foundation.

For Batali, the marriage of food and sports is a no-brainer.

"There are a lot of massive intersections involving gastronomy," said Batali, who wrote a book on NASCAR tailgating. "Whether you're watching football or going to a NASCAR race, it's a giant interface between people, food and the love of the game."

And it doesn't hurt that the brunch will be held in Miami, one of Batali's favorite cities.

"I like it because it's 'caliente'. It's all these cultures coming together. It's like an international soup," he said. "I'm a big fan of 'America at Leisure' and I've been lucky to be able to do things like this."

And maybe the Jets will be there?

"It's a long shot, but I'm rooting for them," he said. "I think they can do it."