2-handed Jason Belmonte revolutionizes bowling

Thu, Jan 21

NBA legend Rick Barry shot his free throws underhanded.

No one else did.

Baseball legend Ty Cobb hit a baseball with a hands-apart grip on the bat.

No one else did.

And, today, pro bowler Jason Belmonte bowls with two hands.

And others are following.

Belmonte, who is competing at the 45th Tournament of Champions this weekend in Las Vegas, knows he's an oddity in bowling, but his two-handed shovel style is catching on.

People all over the world are using his technique to improve their game. Using two hands allow for more rotation on the ball, causing the pins to careen off each other faster.

"I don't think I'm changing the sport. The game is still the same," said Belmonte, the 2009 PBA Rookie of the Year. "I'm just helping people be more successful by changing their grip style."

Belmonte, 26, grew up in Australia, and his parents opened a bowling alley. He still lives there with his wife and newborn girl.

"I got into the sport because I wanted to get out of my parent's hair," he said. "I couldn't hold the ball with one hand so I used two. Even today, it just feels more comfortable."

Belmonte turned pro, started traveling the world and has rolled more than 30 perfect games. He's in contention to win the Tournament of Champions at Red Rock in Las Vegas. The finals are Sunday at 1 p.m. EST on ESPN.

"I still have work to do on my physical game," Belmonte said. "But, to be successful, you must work on your mental toughness even more. That's what I'm working on now."