What it means to be a New York Jets fan

Thu, Jan 21

For the past 30 years or so, I have been devoted to the New York Jets. Went to every home game from 1981 until the time I left the comforts of home in 1990. We still have season tickets.

I've seen my share of ups and downs in those 30 years -- OK, mostly downs, which makes the bond between Jets fans and the team to which they devote themselves more passionate. What is being a Jets fan all about? Here's your answer:

It's about the "Mud Bowl" and an uncovered Orange Bowl field during the south Florida rains leading up to the 1982 AFC Championship Game. The NFL's leading rusher, Freeman McNeil, never had a chance.

It's about the fake spike in 1994. And how 6-5 became 6-10.

And how 6-2 became 7-9 in 1984.

And how 7-4 turned into 8-8 in 1993.

It's about Kyle Brady, Blair Thomas, Johnny Mitchell, Jeff Lageman and Vernon Gholston.

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