Prince revises catalog to rally Minnesota Vikings

Fri, Jan 22

You may have heard about the new Vikings song written by Prince -- listen and see the lyrics here.

It's an original called "Purple and Gold," and … it's awful.

But good news! Page 2 is the exclusive retailer of the album "Prince Sings The Vikings." This album contains all of Prince's classics turned into Minnesota Vikings songs!

You'll get "Little Bald Childress"!

Little bald Childress
Oh, Brad, you love to pass
Little bald Childress
You're not a coach who's gonna last

And, of course, "When Saints Cry."

Order now, you'll also get "1999."

So tonight Brett's gonna throw it like it's 1999.

As well as Prince's ode to Jared Allen, "Ironic Mullet."

He wore an
Ironic mullet
The kind u find in a second-class town
Ironic mullet
And if he could he wouldn't wear much more
Ironic mullet
He thinks he'll sack you

Order right now! Go crazy!