NASCAR gives drivers the green light

Sat, Jan 23
NASCARAP Photo/Tim StewartNASCAR president Brian France: "This is a contact sport, and you're going to see more contact."

The late Dale Earnhardt would have loved it.

Had "The Intimidator" been available, he would have made the perfect pitch man for NASCAR's new initiative.

Earnhardt could have strolled up on stage in his wide-eye sunglasses, turned to the audience, given that trademark smirk of his and said:

"Rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules."

Message delivered, loud and proud.

The actual announcement from NASCAR officials this week wasn't quite so dramatic, but it was crystal clear.

"We are putting things back in the drivers' hands," said NASCAR chairman Brian France. "We're going to open it up. We want to see what you want to see. We want to see drivers mixing it up.

"This is a contact sport and you're going to see more contact. It's going to make very good racing even better."

Let the boys be boys, or girls go wild (racing-style) in Danica Patrick's case.

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