Striped socks at spring training, oh my!

Fri, Feb 19
San Francisco GiantsAP Photo/Eric RisbergWhat do you think of the Giants' new uniform wrinkle?

There was major buzz in uniform circles Thursday, as a photo from Giants training camp showed pitcher Henry Sosa wearing striped socks. Pretty sweet, right? Especially compared to his pajama-legged teammates.

But were those official team-issued socks, or did Sosa pull them out of his own personal sock drawer? I assumed the latter -- why would a team bother to introduce striped hose in a predominantly long-pants era?

But then I saw this video clip, which reveals that the socks are not only official but were ordered by team CEO Bill Newcomb. Let's just give him the executive of the year award right now, shall we?

Only question now is how many San Francisco players will wear their pants high-cuffed -- and how many teams will follow the Giants' lead and order their own sets of striped legwear.