Did viral squash outburst evoke animal behavior?

Wed, Feb 24

If you're at all familiar with the Internet, you've probably seen this footage of Trinity College squash player Baset Chaudhy going medieval on Yale's Kenneth Chan. What you didn't know: Chaudhy isn't actually going medieval. He's going "Animal Planet." Just ask the experts:

Does this resemble any behavior in the animal kingdom?

Baset Chaudhry
Richard Druckman photo

Dr. Robert Epstein, research psychologist and former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today: "Chaudhy made a very primitive, primate-like threat display. If you've ever taken your dog to a dog park, you've seen many."

Megan Blake, pet expert and host of PBS' "Animal Attractions TV": "The closest animal to this behavior might be the harbor seals, who get in each others faces and howl as a display of power."

Epstein: "Dogs bare their teeth and growl. Cats hiss and arch their backs. Lizards gape their jaws. Various species of birds thrust their heads forward or spread their wings. And gorillas show a horrible 'fright face,' which looks like a grimace -- but not a happy one."

Blake: "This is not common in the animal kingdom. Both wild and domestic animals have the instinct to survive, and getting within inches of an opponent's face and aggressively vocalizing puts one in range of a mortal strike."

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