Michael Finley fits the Boston Celtics like a glove

Fri, Mar 5

So the Boston Celtics agreed to a deal with veteran swingman Michael Finley, who turns 37 on Saturday. Robert Parish might not walk through that door, but he's got an open invitation.

How seasoned are the Celtics? Adding Finley made Kevin Garnett, 33 with high mileage, the team's fourth-oldest player. On 12 other teams, KG would be the eldest statesman. In Boston, he's a Glenn Robinson comeback away from sitting at the kids' table.

Don't knock Danny Ainge for going geriatric. There are five clear benefits to adding Finley to an already experienced roster.

• The Celtics will be killer in the clutch. Picture it -- tie game, five seconds left, and it's coming up on 10 p.m.? Mark down a Celtics win. The will to win is heightened by the fear of missing "Murder, She Wrote."


• Michael Finley is a dead ringer for Billy Ocean. Finley must be the NBA's premier shooter/songwriter.

• Intimidation. The Fossil Four -- plus precocious-looking Kendrick Perkins -- will be a mean, hard-fouling machine. Anyone who's played at the Y will get flashbacks of high socks and low bridges.

• Someone has to keep the whippersnappers in line. Rajon Rondo, Glen Davis and Nate Robinson without chaperones? Bad Idea Jeans for $400, Alex.

• Allen, Finley, Garnett and Wallace are an All-Star team. So what if it's the 2001 All-Stars?