Sunday Brunch talks Olympics and Oscars!

Sun, Mar 7

We are one week removed from the end of the Winter Olympics, so let's wrap that up for the next two years before we start making fun of Great Britain. As for Vancouver, while watching the closing ceremonies we kept wondering how you say, "I drink your milkshake!" in Chinese.

(Note the clever nod to Sunday night's Oscar ceremonies by making the reference to "There Will Be Blood.")

But even though the Chinese whipped the Canadians in opening and closing ceremonies, Vancouver gets bonus points for the giant, inflatable beavers at the end. And upon seeing the beavers, you're lying if you didn't immediately think of Frank Drebin.

Anyway, our favorite quote from the entire Winter Olympics came from Canadian speedskater Kristina Groves describing racing in the 1,500 meters: "You can taste blood in your lungs." Our kind of woman.

And a few more tidbits to start the Brunch:

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