Shh! "Madden" is watching you!

Fri, Mar 12
Brett Favre - Madden 10EA Sports

Think Brett Favre's interception against the Saints was costly? That's nothing compared to the 7,564,382 picks Favre threw in "Madden NFL 10." How do I know the exact number of interceptions a polygonal quarterback threw in a video game? EA Sports revealed at Tuesday night's Season Opener event in San Francisco that they have become the Big Brother of sports video game companies, tracking every move, every play call, and unfortunately for Favre, every interception that happens online (and have been since Madden NFL 2004). And with 76-percent of "Madden" users now connected (out of 6 million copies sold), Favre's bad throws start to add up fast. To count all of these statistics, EA even has a dedicated team of employees tracking this user data and they are actually incorporating their findings to help gameplay designers shape the direction of "Madden NFL 11."

And some of the findings are staggering.

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