Matthew Berry gives 50 facts -- mostly on baseball

Wed, Mar 17

It's all a crock.

And anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

Whether it's a fantasy baseball sleeper or a political agenda or just why Olivia Wilde is hotter than Joanna Krupa, it's all bunk and hooey, especially since Olivia went brunette. Look, you wanna go back to Olivia in blond hair making out with Mischa Barton on "The O.C."? Then we can talk. But right now, it's The Krupa and it's not close.

The point, and I'm pretty sure there is one, is that every single day, on blogs, cable networks, Web sites, podcasts, Twitter, talk radio and more -- in coffee shops, bars, dorms, office break rooms and everywhere else -- people spout numbers and facts, research and statistics, poll numbers and pie charts to convince you that their point, their analysis, their opinion is the correct one.

More specific to our little fantasy world, you have already read and heard many stats, numbers and research. Tons of analysis and opinion, sleepers and busts, rankings defended and mock drafts explained, all delivered with certainty because of the facts supporting it.

So not only is there a point, there's only one point and it's this: It's all a crock.

Everything that follows is absolutely true. They all are facts. Some are about baseball players and teams; some are just for fun; and not one of them tells the whole story. There are 50 in all. What you do with them is up to you.

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