Who says Tecmo Bowl ever went out of style?

Fri, Mar 19

With the upcoming release of "Tecmo Bowl Throwback" -- a downloadable, HD-enabled remake of the 1991 Super Nintendo Entertainment System classic "Tecmo Super Bowl" -- game maker SouthEnd Interactive is attempting to pull the video football equivalent of the Wildcat formation, introducing an old trick (the single-wing formation) to a new generation of players. Of course, there's another audience "Throwback" needs to impress: the community/cult of players who grew up on Wayne Haddix's picks and Bo Jackson's general godhood, still play original and hacked versions of the old game online (some with college rosters!) and mostly have been disappointed by sporadic previous efforts to revive the Tecmo franchise, including 1996's Playstation version (unloved, unlamented) and 2008's DS-compatible "Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff."

Bo Jackson
Thousands of friendships were saved when using Tecmo Bo Jackson was declared off-limits.

Page 2 chatted with "Rob Woodson" -- real-life name: Matt Knobbe -- a technology consultant from Lincoln, Neb., and the webmaster of a leading site devoted to all things Tecmo Bowl:

What's the reaction to this game so far in the Tecmo community?

Basically, tempered excitement. Tecmo has mostly disappointed since 1997, though "Kickoff" was a fairly decent handheld game. I personally think that this is make or break. The game should be successful because it's a major console release and it's basically the old game. They really have a shot depending on the new 3-D play and network. Best case scenario is they go gunning for an NFL license in 2012.

What's the most promising aspect of this remake?

The thing that makes me most optimistic is "Super Mario Bros" for the Wii. Basically they took "SMB" NES/SNES and spruced it up. It looks like Tecmo is going to do this, not spend a ton on development, and come out with a reasonably priced game.

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