It's late March but I'm already pining for NFL

Sun, Mar 28

Hey, it's late March, so we all know what that means, right? You've got it. Pro football is just around the corner!

Everything seems to be going right for the East Rutherford Jets other than that (wink-wink) coin flip by the Commissioner. Perhaps as a consolation, the Jets will be the focus of this season's "Hard Knocks" on HBO, which upset the Houston Texans that thought they were getting the preseason prize.

Nobody goes home unhappy in the NFL, however.

So the Texans may be one of two teams involved in another HBO series called "Six Days to Sunday." It will be a look at two teams preparing to meet each other in a regular-season game.

Here at the Sunday Brunch this sounds like a solid idea -- if the Texans are preparing to play someone such as their division rival Indianapolis Colts. But suppose it doesn't work out like that? Suppose the show is about Houston getting ready to play, say, Detroit?

Here's the Texans' schedule for the week before a game with the Lions:

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