So glad Arena Football League has returned

Tue, Apr 6

A tree fell in the sports forest over the weekend. I'm assuming you missed it. Most of the rest of America did, too.

John Elway
Upper DeckJohn Elway and Damian Harrell highlight a card.

Not me.

I heard it fall because I knew it was coming; heck, I was anxiously awaiting its arrival. The 2010 Arena Football League season kicked off Friday night.

Four more games followed suit on Saturday and you can bet there are at least a few other folks on the planet -- a precious, precious few -- who were beside-themselves giddy at the AFL's return after an almost 20-month hiatus.

Indeed, Easter weekend presented a long-overdue rebirth for the AFL following the cancellation of the 2009 season and eventual bankruptcy announcement last August.

Undaunted, new league commissioner Jerry Kurz spearheaded a group that purchased most of the original AFL's assets in December.

Less than four months later, a new 15-team AFL was born. That doesn't mean much to most folks, but to those who do care, it means an awful lot.

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