Who else might Barry Bonds lavish with praise?

Mon, Apr 12

Barry Bonds said he was "proud" of Mark McGwire for coming clean about steroid use. Somehow, Bonds maintained a straight face.

But give credit to Bonds for offering praise, something that's not his trademark. This makes us wonder who else the former slugger might choose to laud.

• Canadian strongman Dino Bravo, for bench pressing 710 pounds at the 1988 Royal Rumble

Barry Bonds
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

• Arnold Schwarzenegger, for saving John Connor and, by extension, mankind in "Terminator 2"

• Brian Bosworth, for his Razzie nomination for Worst New Star in 1991

• Jose Canseco, for surviving a full season of "The Surreal Life" without once laughing in Janice Dickinson's new face

• Jason Giambi, for shamelessly rocking the gold thong

• Ivan Drago, for landing a sexy thing like Ludmilla

• Manny Ramirez, for changing his number to 99 without losing any credibility.

• Pete Rose, for making the WWE Hall of Fame.