Butler trio make cameo showing vs. Globetrotters

Thu, Apr 15

INDIANAPOLIS -- Butler University is the current poster child for underdogs.

But there are underdogs and then there are underdogs. And they don't come much bigger than the Washington Generals.

Losers of more than 13,000 games to the Harlem Globetrotters, the Generals enlisted the help of Butler seniors Willie Veasley, Avery Jukes and Nick Rodgers Wednesday at Conseco Fieldhouse.

You'd think after a run to the NCAA title game, they'd be able to do better than the Washington Generals, right?

"We got an e-mail on Monday asking if we'd like to play and figured why not," Rodgers said about how the one-game contract opportunity came about.

Butler's players played just five minutes in the first half, then got dressed at halftime and watched a few minutes of the second half, leaving the outcome in the hapless hands of the Generals, who eventually lost 70-51.

During their on-court cameo, Jukes missed a dunk, but managed to score a less-than-contested close range lay-up. Rodgers took three shots, one less than he attempted all season, missing all three, and Veasley settled for a 2-for-2 performance from the free-throw line despite Special K Daley's best efforts at distraction.

"You all were a lot better on TV," Special K joked.

Indiana treats its basketball stars like heroes, so has much changed for Butler players since the NCAA Tournament run?

"Not that much to tell you the truth," Veasley said.

"Well, Willie's been getting a lot more girls' phone numbers," Jukes joked.