Is it possible players could be too smart for NFL?

Thu, Apr 22

"You look at the opportunities away from football that Myron Rolle has; you wonder about the dedication to football. These teams want the guy to be a 24-hour, 365-days-a-year football player."
-- Mel Kiper Jr.

"To some in NFL circles, the former Florida State star's decision to put football on hold for a year while studying at one of the world's foremost academic institutions [Oxford] -- not to mention his plans to become a neurosurgeon -- indicates a lack of commitment to the game."
-- USA Today

"It's a character issue … if you want to create hesitation on a guy, make him think. [Rolle] can't help but think."
-- Brian Billick

Is it true? Can an NFL draft prospect be too interested in life beyond chasing a little brown ball around a field? Can he be -- gulp -- too smart for his own good?

Page 2's dubious network of sources acquired the following scouting memo from an unnamed professional team.

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