Dear NBA Executives: Shhh!!! Be quiet! Shut up!

Thu, May 27
Mark Cuban
Glenn James/NBAE/Getty ImagesNBA leaders need to learn from Cuban's mistakes and keep quiet.

First it was Mark Cuban ($100,000), then Steve Kerr ($10,000), now Atlanta Hawks owner Michael Gearon was just hit up for $25,000, all by the NBA for the same thing: verbal tampering.

When are these cats gonna learn? It's like they all started hanging out with Rasheed Wallace and forgot (or didn't give a damn) about how the Office of Stern operates. Keep you mouths shut, fellas! The landscape right now is too hot. LeBron Watch has turned the NBA media watchdogs into secret service men. Before it's all said and done, Jimmy Kimmel or Jay Leno might get fined for making jokes about all these free agents.

Hell, I'm surprised the League hasn't fined Dwyane Wade for admitting that the players have talked amongst themselves about where they "think" they are going to go.

So to other NBA owners, GMs, presidents of basketball operations or whatever your title may be, for the next five weeks, do yourselves a favor: Put it on mute. Don't say nothin' to nobody about nothin'. Think of something else to talk about. Play dumb. If you haven't heard from LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, Amar'e, Joe Johnson or anyone else whose name is about to be attached to a max contract -- then, as Archie told Edith, "Stifle!"

And remember the KRS-One rule of life: Real bad boys move in silence.