Keeping up with the Joneses

Tue, Jun 1
Adam JonesMitchell Layton/Getty ImagesWhen you're an athlete, having a name like Adam Jones might put you in a couple sticky situations.

Of course it was Adam "Pacman" Jones.

Who else could Canadian authorities be screening for when they detained Baltimore Oriole Adam Jones for hours on Friday morning?

Something tells me that famous landscape photographer Adam Jones isn't on Canada's "No Entry" list.

And even if our neighbors to the north aren't down with alt metal, I'm sure they still allow Grammy-Award winning Tool guitarist Adam Jones across the border.

Still, the Orioles center fielder would not confirm whether or not he was being confused for the troubled NFL star when he attempted to enter the country to take on the Blue Jays recently.

"I don't know if it's him. We got the same name obviously, but I'm not going to say I was mistaken for him when I don't know," said Oriole Adam Jones.

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