I see red when I see Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

Sat, Jun 12

With Nebraska switching conferences, everyone has been talking about the incongruity of the Big 10 now having 12 teams. But there's another implication that people seem to be overlooking.

Now that the Cornhuskers are in the Big 10, they'll have Wisconsin as a conference opponent. And that could get a bit confusing, because the two schools have nearly identical uniforms. So when they play each other, it's going to look like a spring scrimmage game.

Of course, things could be worse. Imagine, for example, if Delaware moved to the Big 10. A Wolverines/Hens match-up in Ann Arbor would look seriously weird.

Meanwhile, what if the Big 10 keeps adding more teams? If they ever get to 16 teams, someone has already has a revised conference logo ready and waiting.