Page 2 celebrates beautiful irony of the Utah Jazz

Thu, Jun 17

The Utah Jazz are bringing back their music note logo of yesteryear, once again throwing cognitive dissonance in our faces, forcing us to make sense where there appears to be none. Seemingly, there are as many jazz clubs in Salt Lake City as there are lakes in Los Angeles, but at least the Lakers don't have a picture of Lake Superior at midcourt.

But wait! It turns out there is jazz in Salt Lake City. In the past year, noted artists Dianne Reeves and Chick Corea have performed there. The Bayou, a restaurant and bar in Salt Lake City, features jazz acts, including local talent.

That's just two artists, but it's two more than you knew of, and two more than the number of lakes in Hollywood.

And were you aware of the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival? For the affordable one-day price of $16, you won't hear the composer of the jazz theme song to "Family Guy," but you can see the creator of the show, Seth MacFarlane.

Now if that doesn't extoll the beautiful irony of "Utah Jazz," I don't know what does.