Ron Artest talks of life as an NBA champion

Mon, Jun 21
Ron ArtestAndrew D. Bernstein/Getty ImagesWho would have thought that the guy who started the Palace brawl would be holding this trophy?

In the aftermath of his first NBA title, Ron Artest joined Carmichael Dave on KHTK in Sacramento to talk about winning it all, his new single and his champagne address at the podium.

Artest on how it felt to win the NBA title:
"We went to dinner. We talked. We toasted. My daughter made a toast. I made a toast. My wife made a toast. After that, they went home and we went to the club and I didn't take my jersey off. I left my jersey on the whole night. We were at the club and I had my jersey on. I had the sweaty spandex on, sweaty socks, sneakers and I still haven't gone to sleep yet."

Artest on his new single "Champion:"
"Yeah, it's Champion. It's coming out soon. I'm in the studio with Dr. Dre. He helped me with it. It's sounds real crazy. It's sounds real crazy. I can't wait ... I did it last June, but Dre's helping me fix it up. I did it last June and it was crazy because one of the lyrics was, 'I love the fourth quarter. I love the nice ending. I love Game 7, so bring bring on the competition.'"

Artest on how he was felling when he got to the podium:
"I was buzzing. I was twisted at the podium. I was twisted. I had a good time. That champagne kicked in fast."

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