Lamar Odom talks title, wife Khloe Kardashian

Tue, Jun 22

Lamar Odom joined ESPN Radio Los Angeles live from the Lakers' celebration parade on Monday to talk about the great fans in LA, winning a championship with his childhood friend Ron Artest and how the past 12 months have been hectic but very gratifying for him personally and professionally.

On this whirlwind of a past 12 months (two NBA titles and getting married):

"I was telling my wife Khloe this: I kind of got married in front of the public side, and then the next day, I had training camp. I came right to camp, stayed in shape and did my job and really took my craft serious because I wanted a chance to win and I didn't want anybody coming at me funny like 'oh, he just got married and he's not focused'. We're going to get on a plane tomorrow and go to Mexico. We've got a friend who's got a compound down in Puerto Vallarta, and we're just going to chill and hang out. I'm going to give myself two weeks off and then start training for the World Championships."

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