Here's breakdown of 100 columns I write a year

Thu, Jun 24

Every year, I write about 100 columns. Here's how they usually break down, with a special nod to the most recent 100.

The Talented Mr. Roto
• 28 are about baseball.
• 70 are about football.
• 2 are random, miscellaneous things I've been asked to write.
• No basketball columns. I'm sad about it, but I have no time left for fantasy hoops.
• 77 of them are funny or at least have attempted to be.
• 94 of them use lots of statistics and facts at their core.
• 85 of the 94 use jokes, slang and pop culture to disguise that fact.
• 6 of them involve crazy dating/girlfriend stories. I'm trying to cut down on those, both as a crutch and in my personal life.
• 23 of them involve my Twitter followers. You can follow me at @MatthewBerryTMR.
• 46 of them have a reference to me promoting something, usually ESPN-related. I'm a company man.
• 2 of them discuss my ex-father-in-law.
• 3 of them mention the ex-Mrs. Roto, but only in passing. I'll never say anything bad about her.
• 7 mention my dog, Macy. What can I say? Lost the wife, still have the dog. Dog gets more ink.
• 26 involve rankings of some sort.

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