Rafael Nadal, let's talk about your tight clothing

Tue, Jun 29

Yo Rafa,

Rafael Nadal
Hamish Blair/Getty ImagesRafael Nadal is wearing a new outfit for Wimbledon, and it appears tight. Not sure we're crazy about it.

I'm beginning to worry.

Your gear so far during Wimbledon is so tight I wonder if you can breathe. It's reached a level of uncomfortableness just watching you play.

Raf, you gotta stop outfitting lik you are about to do a photo shoot for International Male. We all know the baggy look is out, and everything from slim ties to skinny jeans are in, but you, my dude, are taking it too far.

Your shirts are so tight that Simon Cowell, I heard, is getting jealous. And John Stockton called and said he wants his look back. Really. The shorts (aka coolots) are starting to look like something Michael Phelps is going to wear in the 2012 Olympics. And don't get me started on the pulling your underwear out of your behind before every serve. It used to be funny; now it looks painful.

As the world's No. 1, Rafa, you have to set a better example. Even when it comes to on-the-court fashion. You are taking this Euro-look too far. If you don't stop this now, by the time the U.S. Open rolls around, your outfits will be so tight that we may mistake you for a ballerina with a hella tennis game.