Another installment of Fact vs. Fiction: July edition

Thu, Jul 1

Welcome to the month of July, when the World Cup comes to its conclusion, NBA free agents fish for the biggest payoff, and one lucky Pittsburgh Pirate discovers he's an All-Star.

July also marks the beginning of NFL training camps and the beginning of "Big Brother" on CBS. Which of these events is more important?

Perhaps you'll learn on Fact vs. Fiction: July edition:

Fact: The Cleveland Browns begin training camp on July 23, the earliest date of any NFL team.

Fiction: The added practice time will be devoted exclusively to teaching wide receivers how to break up Jake Delhomme interception passes.

Fact: Brazil, a team that's won five World Cups, faces the Netherlands, a team that's never won, in the quarterfinals on Friday.

Fiction: The Netherlands wears bright orange jerseys so the world's spaced-out soccer fans can easily identify the team they're rooting for.

Fact: Seven-time champion Lance Armstrong says the upcoming Tour de France (July 3-July 25) will be his last.

Fiction: July 26 has been declared National Lance Armstrong Day in France.

Fact: The MLB All-Star Game will be played July 13 at Angel Stadium.

Fiction: Fewer than 100 sports columnists will mail in an article bemoaning the inclusion of a player from the Royals or Pirates to the exclusion of someone more worthy.

Fact: Several news outlets have reported that Tiger Woods' wife will accept a $750 million divorce settlement and full custody of their children in exchange for silence.

Fiction: Elin Woods could possibly say anything at this point that'd be more shocking than anything we've already heard.