David Falk talks LeBron James and free agency

Thu, Jul 1

Michael Jordan's former agent, David Falk, joined WFAN in New York to talk about what he thinks LeBron James is going to do during free agency.

On if he were LeBron's agent, whether or not he would sway him to winning championships vs. creating a better brand image:

"First of all, I totally disagree with you. As big as New York is, this is not '96 anymore. Twitter, Facebook and all of the social media I think you can be on Neptune and be a brand if your name was LeBron James. ... New York offers New York. I think it is a really nice place but I don't think the marketing advantages like you had ten or fifteen years ago area as relevant as today."

On whether the Knicks can sign LeBron, work out a sign-and-trade for Carmelo Anthony, bring in Chris Bosh and stay under the salary cap:

"Absolutely. I think the question to do a sign-and-trade you really have to have a major asset. Carmelo in my opinion is one of the five best players in the NBA. The Knicks don't have anyone on their roster good enough to trade for Carmelo Anthony unless the Knicks are just trying to unload his salary like the Nets did yesterday with Yi. But it could happen. What I do think is a more likely scenario Boomer, if I could give you one. The Wizards in my opinion will be trying to unload Gilbert Arenas. If they trade Arenas, who has got four years for eighty million and trade for Eddy Curry, who has got one year, ten or twelve, they could still bring in a few more free agents. If they bring in Arenas, you would get LeBron, Arenas and a power forward, whether it is Bosh, Boozer or Stoudemire. I think that is doable but I don't think that is doable for Carmelo."

On LeBron considering turning down getting more money in Cleveland vs. getting less money in Miami:

"Well you really aren't going for less and that is the rub. What happens is Cleveland can play LeBron an extra 2.5% more than Miami can but because as you do know Miami has no state taxes so his salary is worth 5% more in Miami than it is in Cleveland so Cleveland actually has a 2.5% penalty compared to Miami. What Cleveland can offer LeBron is a sixth year on the contract but at 25 years old I don't think LeBron is thinking that he is going to stop playing at thirty. I think if you are Joe Johnson or Amar'e Stoudemire and a little older, I think the sixth year is extremely valuable."

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