You, too, can relive DJ Gallo's SportsNation chat!

Mon, Jul 19

Were you one of the unfortunate souls who missed out on DJ Gallo's SportsNation chat on Monday?

Never fear, we've documented the festivities so you can enjoy them at your leisure. Here are some highlights:

Deuce (Vegas):
Are the Heat not signing Shaq because he called Chris Bosh "The RuPaul of Big Men"?

DJ Gallo:
I'm fairly confident that Chris Bosh's wishes are very far down on Pat Riley's list of cares. They're maybe a notch ahead of what Mike Miller wants.

Jim (New Jersey):
As a die hard Nets fan, I fear that they are headed in the direction of your beloved Pirates. What can I do during times of awful losing to cheer myself up?

DJ Gallo:
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. As bad as the Pirates are, they're nowhere near the Nets. The Pirates won 5 World Series titles. Whereas the peak of the Nets franchise is last year when J-WOWW came to a game.

Ryan (Chicago):
Do you think the Miami Heat are now the Duke of the NBA? What I mean is, everyone outside of Miami hates them, but everyone will watch, hoping they lose. There is a reason Duke is on TV 20 times a year: the Duke haters can't stay away.

DJ Gallo:
Is David Stern was good at his job, he would have ordered J.J. Redick to the Heat. ... Plus, just think of the amazing poetry ... LeBron, Wade and Bosh / Our roster is, like, ohmigosh

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