My top 5 quotes about baseball Hall of Fame

Sat, Jul 24
Andre Dawson US PresswirePlayer Andre Dawson, ump Doug Harvey and manager Whitey Herzog were selected into the Hall.

In honor of baseball's Hall of Fame weekend, I have put together five of the all-times greatest quotes about the Hall of Fame. Congratulations Whitey Herzog and Andre Dawson!

Top Five Hall of Fame Quotes

1. "When I asked the baseball writers why they hadn't elected me to the Hall of Fame, they told me they thought I was still playing."

-- Bob Uecker

2. "The Hall of Fame ceremonies are on the 31st and 32nd of July."

-- Ralph Kiner

3. "I'm not proud. I'm willing to go in on my hands and knees if I have to."

-- Luke Appling, asked whether he resented entering the Hall of Fame on the second ballot

4. "How did I feel when I heard the news? About the same way, I guess that Columbus felt when he looked out from his ship and first saw land."

-- Dazzy Vance, on his induction into the Hall of Fame

5. "It shows what you can accomplish if you stay up all night drinking whiskey all the time."

-- Restaurant owner Toots Shor, on the induction of Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford into the Hall of Fame in 1974

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