Commercial capitalizes on long Wimbledon match

Fri, Jul 30

The average viewer tuning in to John Isner and Nicolas Mahut's epic 11-hour Wimbledon match probably thought, "This is historic." Followed by something along the lines of, "Is this ever going to end?"

Of course, that kind of thinking is what separates the Don Drapers of the world from the rest of us. Where we see athletes on the verge of exhaustion, they see an opportunity for sexual innuendo and advertising gold.

Though the most influential man of 2009 may be fictional, it seems his real-life counterparts are alive and well, working for London-based production company Casual Films. Those are the guys who watched the three-day match and apparently thought, "This would make a perfect condom commercial."

The message behind the minute-long Durex Performa spot is, as its YouTube blurb so succinctly puts it, "You too could have stamina to match John Isner and Nicolas Mahut."

If that's not subtle enough, the ad also suggests that in some things, although maybe not sports, there's nothing wrong with, um, finishing second.

No doubt, the men at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would be proud.