My top 5 quotes about baseball trades

Sat, Jul 31

Saturday is the final day of the trading deadline in baseball. Here are five great quotes about baseball trades:

Five Great Baseball Trade Quotes

1. "I have found that every five years a man has to change his Sox."

-- Steve Lyons, on being traded to the Red Sox, after playing for the White Sox for five years

2. "No one knows this yet, but one of us has just been traded to Kansas City."

-- Casey Stengel, on how he let Bob Cerv know he was traded

3. "Being traded is like celebrating your 100th birthday. It might not be the happiest occasion in the world, but consider the alternative?"

-- Joe Garagiola

4. "From Cy Young to sayonara in one year."

-- Graig Nettles, on Sparky Lyle going from being the Cy Young Award winner to being traded by the Yankees

5. "We played him and now we can't trade him."

-- Buzzie Bavasi, on Don Zimmer's "play me or trade me" ultimatum