Channing Crowder ribs Jason Taylor, 'Hard Knocks'

Wed, Aug 11

Channing Crowder has a knack for running his mouth.

Last year, he somehow took a statement Jets head coach Rex Ryan made about the Patriots and turned it into a personal slight to himself and his team.

Now the Dolphins linebacker is back on the Jets, this time taking aim at the HBO series "Hard Knocks" that follows their training camp. The show debuts Wednesday and Crowder doesn't have any big plans to watch it, except to see his former teammate, Jason Taylor, embarrass himself.

"He's a real pretty boy. He had makeup with 'Dancing with the Stars' and all that, so he might put on makeup," Crowder said. "He's gonna perform. Trust me. You can mark that. JT is not going to be himself. He's gonna perform for the cameras, 'cause he's a showman. That's what I give him a hard time about -- he's going to be as clean as he can, he's gonna have a freshly-shaved head, 'cause the camera is around and he's very womanly."

So far Crowder is living up to the promise he made last month to no longer censor himself.

"I didn't talk any [expletive] last year,'' Crowder said. "Now, I'm going to play like I used to. I was trying to be a nice guy last year. Rah, rah, rah. Let's be great. Not anymore.''

Maybe Crowder is just giving his former teammate a hard time because he misses him.

Taylor countered: "With the history of the rivalry, I think it was a bitter rivalry and it still is, but at the end of the day, the players, we all play in the same league, we all respect one another and respect our peers."

I don't think Crowder got that memo.

"There's a lot of pretty boy football players," Crowder said. "JT's graceful. He's a very graceful guy. I told him I'm gonna make fun of him, so he knows it's coming. But yeah, he is a very pretty, womanly football player."