Philip Rivers hears a new voice in his head

Tue, Aug 17

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers joined Darren Smith on XX Radio in San Diego to talk about running back Ryan Mathews' frequent trips to the bathroom due to nerves before the first preseason game, how his own nerves manifest on the field and now getting play calls directly from head coach Norv Turner.

On Ryan Mathews' nerves before the game against the Bears:

"He was definitely nervous. He disappeared to the bathroom a few times pre-game. But, he was good. It was a good nervous. If you are not nervous for your first NFL game, then something is probably wrong with you. I thought he handled it really well. He had some really good runs. The biggest thing that stands out to me with some of those runs is that he wants to be the punisher. He's not the punishee."

On if he has ever gotten sick before a game:

"No. I never was a sick like throwing up type of guy. I get nervous with the butterflies in the stomach. I was never a throwing up kind of guy … I'm kind of a pacer. I can't sit down. I can't sit still. I guess that's why I don't ever sit down the whole game. I stand up all four quarters even when I'm not playing."

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