Bobby Thomson inspires top fictional homers list

Wed, Aug 18

Was Bobby Thomson's Shot Heard 'Round the World the greatest home run in history? Page 2 answered that question seven years ago, so we won't revisit it. Instead, here are the 10 greatest fictional home runs ever hit:

10. Scotty Smalls hits a home run into the next yard, which is protected by a baseball-eating dog called the Beast ("The Sandlot"). Unfortunately for Smalls, the ball he hit was the one he sneaked away from his stepfather, and worse, it was autographed by Babe Ruth, whom Scotty had somehow never heard of. He never heard of Babe Ruth? This may be the most unbelievable plot point outside of The Matrix series.

Homer Simpson
Courtesy of FoxUltimately, Darryl Strawberry and Co. need Homer Simpson to help capture the league championship.

9. The Jeffrey Maier home run (1996 ALCS) off the bat of Derek Jeter. C'mon, you know it wasn't a real home run.

8. Thanks to his secret weapon, Wunderbat, Homer Simpson homers throughout the season to send his team to the nuclear plant softball championships ("The Simpson's," Homer at the Bat). Unfortunately Homer gets benched when Mr. Burns hires big league ringers for the big game.

HOMER: You're Darryl Strawberry!


HOMER: You play right field.


HOMER: I play right field, too.


HOMER: Well, are you better than me?

STRAWBERRY: Well, I've never met you, but ... yes.

7. Pedro Cerrano ties one-game playoff against Yankees with seventh-inning home run ("Major League"). Never lose faith in Jo-Bu.

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