In Detroit, vendor sells hot dogs and sings

Sun, Aug 22

DETROIT -- Charley Marcuse and his boss, Jeff Behr, have a disagreement.

Marcuse, who's been dishing out hot dogs to Detroit Tigers fans since Tiger Stadium's final season in 1999, thinks baseball fans visit Comerica Park, at least in part, to hear him sing.

Behr, the general manager of SportService in Detroit -- the Tigers' food vending service -- thinks fans would rather lick mustard off a bleacher than hear one more note from Marcuse's prolific mouth.

The truth, as they say, is likely somewhere in the middle.

What's undeniable, though, is that anyone who sits within earshot of Marcuse's area -- Comerica's 100-section, near the Tigers' dugout -- will hear his now-famous operatic rendition of "Hooooooooooooooot Dooooooooooog!"

Marcuse began his singing spiel during a 1999 Three Tenors concert at Tiger Stadium. He found success and transferred his act to ballgames.

"People have a lot of fun with it," Marcuse said during a rain delay at a recent Tigers game. "That's why I keep doing it. It started as an advertising gimmick. It's a commission business, so why are people gonna buy hot dogs from me? You have to have a little fun with it."

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