UFC's Dana White talks foul language, gambling

Tue, Aug 24

UFC 118, highlighted by Frankie Edgar vs. B.J. Penn, is Saturday at the TD Garden in Boston, the first time an MMA-sanctioned event has been staged in Massachusetts.

UFC President Dana White, who was born in Connecticut and went to college in Boston, stopped by ESPN's campus Tuesday to promote the event and answer five offbeat questions from Page 2:

1. So I've been with you for a little bit and you haven't used the F-word once. Not feeling well?

"I actually have a lot today, just not in front of you. I've always been like that. It's nothing new. We're all grownups. You've heard it all before."

2. I've been reading about your exploits, especially on social media. Do you sometimes get ... cranky?

"It's not crankiness. I'm just being honest. When someone says something stupid to me on Twitter, I say something back. If you don't like the UFC, don't be rude. Be professional about it. I have 1.2 million followers, so they believe in what I'm doing. I know there are a lot of older people out there in the media who treat us like crap. Those guys are getting to ready to go away. Guys our age are going to take over. There is a whole generation of people who watch the UFC. Everything is about to change."

3. You're 41, still in relative good shape at about 200 pounds and 6 feet tall. There has to be someone you want to get in the ring with?

"I'm too old for that. I used to box. But I don't really want to fight anyone. In reality, I don't want to argue with anyone, either. Some people say some stupid things. Sometimes they have to be called on it."

4. Tell me about your softer side. You were once a bellhop?

"When I was 19 years old, I was a bellman at the Boston Harbor Hotel. I also paved roads there, too. One day, I walked out and said I'm not doing this and I wanted to get into the fight business."

5. Wow, that's a gamble. Speaking of that, I know you like to gamble. What's the most you've won in a hand?

"I love to gamble. In fact, I gambled right before I arrived in town. I love to play blackjack. The biggest hand I've ever won was about $300,000. That also was probably the biggest hand I had lost, too."

5a. OK, what did your wife say when you told her?

"I handle the business outside the house. She handles the business inside the house."