John Cena sports jorts, and we're OK with that

Tue, Aug 31

John Cena is not changing.

He may have made the move from action hero to dramatic actor in his new movie, "Legendary," in which he plays a high school wrestling coach whose estranged brother tries to reunite the family.

He may be making the rounds wearing a business suit and talking like an experienced pitchman.

But he's still defending his history. And not his background in wrestling.

It's those shorts.

Jean shorts have developed a bad reputation, becoming known pejoratively as "jorts." That doesn't bother Cena one bit.

"I've been jortin' it up for six, seven years," he said.

Cena said that when he was trying to break into pro wrestling, he wanted a tougher image, one that matched his own "extremely hip-hop-driven" fashion sense. There was no chance he was sporting the skivvies most wrestlers wore.

"It's hard to be a thug in your underwear," he reasoned. "They're a lot less offensive."

Cena has simplified his jortwear, going from ones with airbrushed lettering or black pairs, to all blue denim by Wrangler. But unlike Brett Favre, he's not carrying an endorsement deal.

"You can tell the people at Wrangler that I happily wear their product and they're extremely durable," he said.

The jeers from fans don't bother him. Their logic, he says, doesn't make any sense.

"At a lot of events, there are heckling fans, sarcastically saying 'You wear denim shorts!' who think they're getting on my case," he said. "Most of the time, they're males, 18 to 25, and I get a chance to talk to them after the event. Sometimes I say, 'would you really rather see me in my underwear?' They don't know what to say to that."