Which college, pro teams should be panicking?

Mon, Sep 13

When in doubt -- PANIC!

That's the breath-catching emotion that teams and their followers must fight off now that the collegiate football season has definitely left the dock while the NFL season opened with numerous spectacular failures.

Take the Colts -- please. Or the Cowboys. Or the Browns. Oh wait, that was the Browns, so no need to panic there.

But where should panic be the emotion of the day?

Our own Dave Fleming is giving his professional opinion Thursday in his Flem File column, but we want to hear your thoughts.

So we'd like to create a fans' version of a "Top Ten People or Places That Should Panic Now." We'll also post our results Thursday.

Dallas? Dallas is always good.

"I hate this for our fans," said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones after another example of his club's knack for finding imaginative ways to lose to the Redskins. "We know the road to success has a lot of ups and downs. But I am surprised."

And this is a guy that has to sell tickets to fill the NFL's version of the Taj Mahal. He's got the right to feel a little panicky.

Who else?

Virginia Tech? The Chokies lost at home to James Madison, a Division I-AA opponent. How scary is that?

Who else? That's what we want from you. Send your panic nominations to us at osogreene@aol.com -- and, as usual, include a brief explanation for your pick, plus your first name, last initial and your location. You have until noon Wednesday.

By the way, if it helps in Dallas, Indianapolis and other panic centers, the 2007 New York Giants gave up 478 yards to the Cowboys in a 45-35 season-opening loss in Dallas and got ripped the next week 35-13 at home against Green Bay. And those Giants won the Super Bowl.

Feel better?

Probably not.