We inspire Alabama with Bear Bryant quotes

Sat, Sep 25

With No. 1 Alabama playing No. 10 Arkansas Saturday, it should be a heck of a ball game. Alabama may have to draw inspiration from their legendary coach, Bear Bryant.

Five great quotes by and about Bear Bryant

1. "I don't hire anybody not brighter than I am. If they're not brighter than I am, I don't need them."

-- on hiring assistant coaches

2. " 'bout all I did was stick with it."

-- on winning his 315 game and passing Amos Alonzo Staggs to become college football's all-time winningest coaches

3. "The Bear can take his and beat yours and take yours and beat his."

-- Jake Gaither, former Florida A& M coach

4. "It's kind of hard to rally around a math class."

-- on the role football plays in college life

5. "It's the one where the player pitches the ball back to the official after scoring a touchdown."

-- Bear Bryant, asked to describe his favorite play

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