Page 2 unearths lost scripts of 'Lombardi' musical

Mon, Sep 27

With the biographical drama "Lombardi" now in previews on Broadway, it's worth mentioning a discovery made recently in the theater library at Chita Rivera State College. Way back in the stacks, in an old Capezio shoebox were found the notes and a partial manuscript for a 1975 musical comedy thought to be called "Winning Isn't Everything." (Other working titles scrawled on a series of novelty cocktail napkins suggest it might have been titled "It's The Only Thing," or "Lombardi! The Musical!" or just "Vincent.")

The music and lyrics were written by the late Sidney Allen Finch and the late Alan Smithee, who made their fame with their mid-'50s musical hits, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Tech?" and "Kiss Me, Kevin." After the calamitous failure of their 1971 rock musical "Buddha Was A Pretty Big Deal Too," this was to be their comeback -- but by 1977, overtaken by changing tastes and times, their Vince Lombardi show was never to be produced or even finished. The following, much of it on letterhead from the Taft Hotel in New Haven, is all that remains.

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