Helping out Tom Brady's hairy situation

Tue, Oct 12

Hair can pull teams together. Guys will all grow beards, as with the Oakland A's Mustache Gang. Guys will all shave their heads. The Cardinals tried that trick this year. All it got them was bald.

Hair can also cause problems. Especially, it seems, in Boston. Red Sox fans have never forgiven Nomar Garaciapara for refusing to shave his head. Now, the deadliest tandem in the NFL has seemingly been broken up by a fight over Tom Brady's hair. The rumor from Foxborough, roundly denied by everyone involved, is that a squabble between Brady and Randy Moss hurried the wide-receiver's exit from New England. Brady was overheard telling Moss to trim his beard -- locker room talk for "I'm the boss of you." Moss countered that Brady's Justin Bieber-style haircut makes the quarterback look like a girl. Which it doesn't. It makes him look like Justin Bieber.

The next thing you know, Moss is wearing purple. Now Page 2 is worried about the Patriots. The team can't afford to keep losing players in fights over Tom Brady's luscious long locks. We've come up with a bunch of cool new hairdos that Tom can try. Provided, of course, he can get his wife's permission.

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